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Taramar Seeds is an Icelandic start-up founded by two professors at University of Iceland, Professor Gudrun Marteinsdottir PhD in Marine Ecology and Kristberg Kristbergsson, PhD in Food Chemistry, MSc and M.Phil in Food Engineering.

They are aiming at channeling their scientific expertise into the development of highly pure, synthetically- and chemically-free skincare products. 

They handharvest Icelandic seaweed and succesfully use the powerful extracts in their products. 

Angan Skincare is born from the rooted cultural rituals of Iceland: Bathing in natural geothermal pools, the arctic ocean and using old remedies with wild, hand picked arctic botanicals. Plants and herbs that have been used for centuries to nourish and cure the skin.


Knowing the importance of using pure, natural ingredients, Angan uses formulas that are effective and contain only organic, wild-crafted ingredients from sustainable sources that are better for you and better for the environment.


As one of the few companies in Norway who harvest wild algae, Lofoten Seaweed has a duty and responsibility to protect and safeguard the ecosystem.


Sustainable harvesting for them means that the methods ensure regrowth and minimal impact on marine life. Their mapping, risk assessments and harvesting methods have been researched and reviewed to ensure high quality and optimal regrowth.

Grims Have Såpeverksted is a small-scale company in Sørlandet that makes natural cosmetics without preservation, parabens and sls.


The flowers and herbs that they use in soaps and ointments, are grown organically. They like to harvest wild plants in the skerries.


Grims Have products are fresh and therefor made in small portions.