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For me, the definition of an artist is rather simple.

Every single person who brings life to an idea, is an artist.

The colour of expression is unlimited.


This website gives platform to some amazing artists who got inspired by the ocean and all mystery that lives within.

Artists who saw the healing properties of the salt, of the seaweed

and found an unique way to bring it to the land.

At Blue Selkie you can find some amazing ecological and organic wellness, self care and skincare brands that make products inspired by ocean, but also with ingredients directly harvested from the sea.

I believe that the ocean holds an immens healing power, both for the physical as the emotional body. 

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Even though I have an education in Marine Science,

I always aspired to become and expressionist.

Wether it is through writing, storytelling, photography, videography, drawing or painting.


You can find my first drawn and painted artwork in this shop.


For other means of expression, you can find me at:



I get my inspiration from nature, but of all earth's wonders,

the ocean has the greatest pull to me. 

Oh how I love to submit.

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